When a brand new candy bar starts turning people into zombies in the small town of Sweetooth, it's up to Clea and her ragtag group of friends to stop the evil Yumzy Corporation from reigning down the sugarpocalypse!

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Married with comics

We were married on July 14, 2012 in CA. It was incredibly fun and we were even featured on Offbeat Bride. But, little did everyone know that just 10 days before our wedding, Sarah pulled me aside and said. "David, we need to talk."

I'm terrified.

"David, do you want to be the kind of couple that says we're going do things or the kind of couple that actually does things."

"I wanna actually do things."

"I think we should make that comic book we keep talking about!"

She was already talking to folks at NYCC about the cost of a booth and figured we had just enough time after the wedding to get Issue 1 done. I said yes and, sure enough, 3 days after our wedding, we locked ourselves in a corner of our tiny Brooklyn apartment and conceived, write, drew, inked and lettered Issue 1 of High Fructose Zombies, just in time for NYCC. Since then, we have continued to create issue after issue. It's been an amazing journey so far and here's to many more years of adventure.


"High Fructose Zombies is a comic that stands out in a sea of other stories about the undead." - Horror Talk

"I love the story!" - Non-Productive Productions


Who are the creators?

Candy corroding chaos doesn't happen by itself, it takes nights, weekends and holidays!

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    David is a Design Technologist in Manhattan, after earning his Masters Degree from NYU in Interactive Telecommunications. During his Masters program, he also interned at Apple and held a HackStar position at TechStars. He is the writer for High Fructose Zombies.

David Phillips
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    Sarah is a force of nature, as she not only creates every single collectible statue, but she is also the artist and inker for High Fructose Zombies. Sarah has a background in industrial design and fashion, which led to an extensive knowledge on local and global fabrication.

Sarah Braly

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